5 Things Your Airport Car Service Needs To Know

Posted on: 12 April 2022

For many people, flying is a stressful experience. Whether you're a nervous flyer, you don't do well in the chaotic airport itself, or you don't like to travel, anything that helps reduce the anxiety of flying is welcome. An airport car service is one of the best ways to do this. They'll ensure you get where you need to be, without stressing about anything and you'll have a pleasant pickup experience too. But what can you do to make your car service the best it can be? Here are a few key things your service will need to know.

1. Your Flight Details. The primary goal of any airport pickup or drop-off is to get someone where they need to be relative to their flights. So make sure you're on top of communicating about your specific flight information. For instance, some travelers may forget to stipulate whether the flight leaves at 6:00 AM or 6:00 PM. 

2. Your Luggage. Travelers have a variety of luggage needs, particularly when traveling for business. Those with a lot of luggage should make sure they communicate this so that the car and driver will be able to handle it all. If you have to check unusually-shaped containers, such as tubes or custom cases, the driver will need to know so they can accommodate you. 

3. Your Special Needs. Do you have any concerns or worries the driver can help with? For instance, if you're injured or not feeling well, the driver may be able to offer additional assistance with things like luggage or accessible transportation. Unfamiliar with the airport? Airport drivers are often a valuable resource to ensure you don't get lost and can find the amenities you need once inside. 

4. Your Contact Information. Good communication with the car service will prevent many common pitfalls. Confirm that they have all your details, including more than one way to get hold of you if there are any changes on their end. Check in again just before the big day as well. 

5. Your Plan Changes. Finally, stay updated on any travel itinerary changes. Subscribe to various methods for the airline to notify you of changes. And if you have to change your own schedule, contact the service early. Many travelers, especially nervous ones, can easily forget to pass on new information to their driver in the rush to adapt. 

Want more tips for providing all the little details that will ensure the best possible airport transportation experience? Start by talking with an airport car service at your airport today.