Used Truck Parts? What To Know Before You Buy

Posted on: 15 June 2021

If your vehicle has been recently repaired, you may have been shocked by both the amount of the total bill and how much of it was due to the cost of the new truck parts required for the repair. If the work was performed at a truck dealership, the cost of the truck parts may have been even higher because they were sourced from the vehicle manufacturer instead of less expensive aftermarket ones.

Truck owners interested in saving as much as possible on the cost of future repairs should consider opting for used truck parts whenever possible. If you have no previous experience in buying or using used truck parts, this information may be useful. 

Be sure about the fit

Used truck parts, like new ones, will only fit specific vehicles, makes, models, and production years. Before beginning to search for used truck parts, make sure that you have your vehicle's specific details on hand, including the vehicle identification number (VIN). It is also important to understand that vehicle manufacturers often use different variations of the same part, often after a manufacturer defect or recall has occurred. 

If possible, look for identifying markings on the original truck part that you are trying to replace. Most will have some type of tag or marking to help identify it, but it can also be helpful to take a number of well-lit photos with your phone to use when shopping.

Buy from a reputable source

While private sellers often offer used truck parts for sale on social media pages and flea markets, it is best to purchase only from a verifiable source, such as a used auto parts business. These suppliers typically work within a nationwide network of approved dealers to source and sell salvaged vehicle parts. 

Belonging to an online network allows these dealers to access available parts anywhere in the nation and use an online payment and shipping portal to get the part to the customer as quickly as possible. Most used auto parts dealers that participate in online sales networks of this type agree to terms that improve the experience for both the seller and the buyer, including: 

  • a testing process to help ensure that the auto part is in working condition
  • a fair return policy to help customers who purchase the wrong part or those that receive a non-working part
  • a warranty option to protect buyers against premature failure of the part

To learn more about buying used truck parts, take a moment to discuss your vehicle's needs and repair situation with a reputable dealer.