Preparing For A Helicopter Ride? The Most Important Things You Should Know

Posted on: 22 July 2019

Are you interested in traveling by helicopter to see some stunning aerial views of the city while on a date with someone special? Going on a helicopter ride is relaxing, enjoyable, and exciting for everyone on board, but there are certain things you need to be aware of and know about before you get on the helicopter and head off into the sky. Safety is a major priority. Even if you are feeling a bit nervous because you have a fear of heights, it is good to know that helicopter rides are relatively safe when an experienced pilot is in control of the aircraft and is following proper safety protocol.

There Is a Limit to the Number of Passengers on Board

Unlike a traditional airplane where dozens of guests are seated before the plane takes off into the sky, there is a limit to the number of passengers that can get on a helicopter at one time because there is simply not as much space inside of a helicopter. There are several types of helicopters available that have different maximum weight limits. Some helicopters can conveniently seat up to eight people at a time, but there are other helicopters that have less space than that, seating around seven or fewer passengers at one time. If you want to go on the helicopter ride with your significant other, you might not need to ride around in something that is so spacious because it is just going to be you, your partner, and the pilot on the helicopter.

You Should Wear a Noise-Canceling Headset

If you have ever been anywhere near a helicopter, you could probably hear it from the distance because helicopters are naturally loud. If you could easily hear a lot of noise from a helicopter passing by in the sky while you were outside of your home, can you imagine how loud it would sound if you were riding inside the helicopter? A simple way to enjoy the experience without having to hear such a loud noise the entire time is to wear a noise-canceling headset. Although it is optional for you, the helicopter pilot may have headsets available for you and your partner to use. You can even purchase protective aviation headsets if you plan to start riding in helicopters more often. When you buy your own pair, you get to compare features and select a comfortable headset that cancels out all the noise.

Bring Special Camera Equipment to Take Good Pictures

You may have an interest in capturing some images of the amazing scenery in front of you. If you are using a professional camera to take photos, you should bring a polarizing filter with you. Because the pilot will have the doors of the helicopter closed for your safety, you are going to need to take those photos through a window, but you might worry about experiencing a bit of a glare. If you have a polarizing filter, attach it to the lens before you even start taking the perfect shots. Even if you do not have this filter, you can easily buy one online before going out on your helicopter rider.

When you would like to travel on a helicopter with your significant other to enjoy the experience and have a memorable time together, you should know a handful of things beforehand. The number of people that can fit on the helicopter at one time will depend on the specific type of helicopter that is being used. It is a good idea to wear a headset that will cancel out all the background noise from the helicopter and its engine while you ride. And, if you want to take some great photos with your high-quality camera, bring a polarizing filter to keep glare from ruining those stunning shots.