Tips For Hauling Your Motorcycles

Posted on: 23 January 2019

While riding a motorcycle can be an extremely relaxing and enjoyable experience, it is common for individuals to want to haul their motorcycles to the area where they are wanting to ride it. This will usually require the use of a motorcycle trailer, and despite being seemingly simple to use, there are some important steps that must be followed to keep your motorcycles safe while they are being hauled.

Ensure The Trailer Can Accommodate The Weight Of The Motorcycles

Your motorcycle trailer will have a weight limit that must be respected. This is usually not a major issue for those needing to haul a single motorcycle as the weight of one of these vehicles is fairly light. However, if you are attempting to transport two or more motorcycles, this will be a major concern. If you exceed this weight limit, the trailer could be at a greater risk of failing, which can be very damaging to your vehicle and the motorcycle you are transporting. When buying a motorcycle trailer, you should consider the maximum load that you may need to haul so that you can be sure to choose a trailer that can accommodate your bikes, such as a double wide motorcycle trailer.

Properly Secure The Motorcycles

When you are moving multiple motorcycles, it is important to avoid letting the motorcycles bang into each other or otherwise come into contact with the walls of the trailer. This can cause severe damage to the paint of the motorcycles, but it can be fairly easy to avoid. When you are loading the motorcycle into the trailers, you should secure them in place with straps and ties so that they will be unable to move.

Avoid Covering The Motorcycles While They Are On The Trailer

Individuals will often want to protect their motorcycles while they are being transported. To this end, they might attempt to cover the motorcycles with tarps. Unfortunately, this can be a serious mistake that can pose substantial safety problems. These tarps may be at risk of coming loose, which could prevent those behind you from being able to see. If you insist on covering your motorcycles while transporting them, you should invest in a covered trailer. These trailers will offer far better protection than what a tarp could provide while avoiding the potential safety risks that a tarp can create. Additionally, a covered trailer is usually only nominally more expensive than an open trailer, which can make it the sensible purchase option for those needing to transport high-value motorcycles or that want to preserve the paint job as much as possible.