Options For Booking Group Trip Transportation

Posted on: 28 October 2016

When you have a large group to manage for a trip, group transportation options can be one of the trickiest parts of your trip logistics. Here are some general transportation options that you might consider.

Public Transportation

Bus and metro options may be viable for some groups. If you are on a tight budget, it may be the only affordable option. There are a few guidelines that you can follow to keep your group together when using public transportation. For instance, breaking the group into smaller fractions and splitting up on public transit may make the process more manageable. You'll also need to be more flexible in planning your schedule; since you can't rely on exact times, you might need to build in more spare time so that you don't miss any activity time slots. 


Taxis are a step up from public transport, and they are a good option to use if you only have small distances to travel during your trip. Otherwise, the costs can quickly become significant. If you have a centrally located hotel, you may be in walking distance to many attractions and only have to use the taxi a few times. And you won't have to worry about finding parking for your vehicles. Look for a discount cab service that has vehicles for hire on an as-needed basis for the best affordability and convenience. 

Rental Cars

Rental cars may help to lower your costs if you have a longer way to travel. The rental car costs can vary based on whether you're going one way or round-trip to the same rental location. The rental car can provide more flexibility, but it also can be a little bit difficult to coordinate timing between several vehicles. 


Charter vehicles are one of the most comfortable options for group travel. You can choose a larger vehicle so that you can fit all or most of the group into one space. The charter vehicle also acts as a storage space where trip members can leave their belongings as they stop at each site. And a charter vehicle can be a much more affordable option for trips that will cover a lot of miles. 

While each of these transportation options has its benefits, there are also pitfalls to each. It may help to consult among several adults in the group, get quotes to discuss beforehand, and prepare a list of questions to ask each transportation company option.