Lonesome Trail: Three Reasons You Should Allow Your Truckers To Bring Road Buddies

Posted on: 6 July 2016

The number one complaint of most truckers that are on the road is missing family. It can be difficult to keep up with family goings on and to be an active presence when gone most of the time for work. For this reason, your trucking company should consider allowing each trucker to bring a friend or family member with them on the road. A person who can pass a background check and is related or a long term friend of your trucker can be a good addition for the trucker and for your business. Here are some reasons to allow your truckers to have a road buddy. 

Less time off requested

If your trucker is able to take a person of their choosing with them, they may feel less lonely. Feeling as if they have family or a friend along with them can keep them connected to home in many ways and they may be eager to continue to work more days. This will help your trucking company keep up with demand and will help to bring in more money over the long run. Friends can also help with navigation and filling out paperwork as the drivers concentrate on driving. This means time is used more efficiently and means more trips per workers. 

More volunteers for longer trips

If there are any cross country road trips, it may be difficult to find people who will volunteer for these. Going across the country and back can take longer than a week, which means little off time. When truckers are able to make this long trip with a friend or family member, it may seem like a road trip with pay, rather than a daunting task that will keep them far away from home. This means that more contracts will be at your disposal and everyone makes more money from your transportation company. 

Family company reputation

There are companies that are known to have strict rules for their truckers. One of the best ways to attract quality drivers or your business is gaining a reputation as a company that will work with drivers and is a family friendly company. Reputation is everything and truckers will switch companies in order to be with a trucking business that will permit them the ability to be with family more often. A good reputation can go a long way when it comes to finding new workers and setting rates as a company. 

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