Wonderfully Clever Accessories For Your Wheelchair

Posted on: 20 May 2016

If you or someone you care about uses a wheelchair, you may want to consider accessory items to enhance convenience during use. Whether trying to figure out protection from the rain or a way to carry drinks that won't result in spillage, there are some innovative and downright clever wheelchair accessories available on the market. Talk with medical supply vendors for the most inventive wheelchair accessories and augmentations, as well as retail venues regarding out-of-pocket costs.

Here are some clever and convenient accessories you will want for your wheelchair:

Umbrella-attachment. Don't risk getting all wet when the weather turns or it begins to rain. Look for a simple attachment to securely hold your umbrella in place during use. These typically secure to the back of the chair, behind where the user is seated.

Drink-holders. Drink-holders are a must for any wheelchair, and the options are endless. Choose from holders that affix to the arms of the chair, as well as basket-style alternatives that have inset-grooves to hold drinks securely in place.

Wheel-covers. Wheel-covers are often made of absorbent fabric and are intended to protect the floors of the home after coming from outside. They basically protect the interiors from anything that might be brought in on the wheels of the chair from outdoors, like dirt, debris, or pebbles.

Tow-alongs. If you find that your wheelchair doesn't accommodate the stuff that you like to take along, why not look for an accessory that can be attached behind the chair? This might include wagons, carts, and other units with wheels that can be attached or detached, as needed. Check the weight capacity of the tow-along to ensure it will suit your needs before buying.

Light-up casters. If you want to add a bit of flash to your wheelchair, consider installing some light-up casters to the wheels. These will help you to be seen when traveling in the chair, especially when you are on a public roadway or thoroughfare. Plus, they bring a contemporary, cool look to your wheelchair.

Back-packs. There are some back-pack style accessories that attach to the back of the seat which allow you to stow or tow stuff with you. Unlike the tow-alongs, these secure to the chair and typically don't have wheels. These are found in metal, similar to a cage, or fabric, depending on what you plan to use them for.

Make your wheelchair a bit more adaptive and convenient with some of these contemporary accessory items. Check out the options at a medical supplier, and inquire about out-of-pocket costs as some may be covered by insurance plans. Keep an eye out for these and other accessories that will give your wheelchair a distinct look and increased convenience. You can also contact companies like Merry Van Lines for more information about how to adapt to travel in a wheelchair.