Top 10 Ways To Spend Time While Going To The Airport

Posted on: 18 May 2016

Do you hate inefficiency? If so, then you are always looking for a way to stay busy, even while traveling. Here are the top 10 things you can do while taking your limo transportation to the airport. Wasting time is not one of them!

1. Shave

Some passengers want to save time in the morning by shaving in the airport limo. Others wait until they are in the ride to avoid the dreaded "five o'clock shadow." They may want to arrive at their destination with a clean, stubble-free face.

Regardless of the reason why, shaving in the airport limo service is best done with an electric razor. Straight razors require shaving cream and water, both of which can prove inconvenient.

2. Put on Makeup

Everyone has seen a driver applying makeup on the morning commute. All in the vicinity of this driver are in danger. Well, airport limo service passengers can make themselves pretty without risking lives.

3. See the Sights

Driving a personal or rental vehicle to the airport means having to pay attention to the road. In contrast, those who hire a limo can sit back and look out the window. They have a last opportunity to see the sights. If possible, have the driver take a scenic route, perhaps through downtown or the beach.

4. Drink Coffee

Yes, it is possible to drink coffee while driving; however, one cannot truly partake of the "cup of joe" in peace. Cab passengers can order an extra large latte, for example, and sip until content.

5. Get Drunk

Some people get nervous when they have to fly. These passengers may want to drink some alcohol to forget their upcoming voyage. Neither a personal vehicle, rental car nor public transportation presents the chance to get drunk.

6. Have a Meeting

Those out of town on business can get work done from the back seat of their airport ride. Perhaps the home office needs a report of what transpired on the trip. No worries, just hold a video conference session on the way to the terminal.

7. Take Selfies

Social media users enjoy posting photos of themselves having adventures. Snap away and let everyone know your exact location. Friends will be jealous when they see that you are on another big-time trip.

8. Hold a Confessional

Taxicab confessions are real. People open up about their lives to drivers because they know this professional will never inform on them. (Well, maybe "never" is an exaggeration.)

9. Blog

Another favorite airport limo service online pastime is blogging. Travelers can write about their itineraries, if departing, or what they just accomplished, if returning home.

10. Trade Stocks

"Money never sleeps," the saying goes. Traders can get their investments squared away while traveling to the airport by limo. In fact, since there are few distractions, some may realize big profits.

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Whichever of these activities you decide to do, you will be making better use of your time than possible while driving to the airport yourself. Get the most out of life by hiring an airport limo service today. For more information, check out websites like