3 Accessories Every Enclosed Cargo Trailer For Horses Must Have For Long Hauls

Posted on: 17 May 2016

As an equestrian owner, you could be left hauling your horses from your corral to the veterinarian, to trails for rides, or even to shows and events. Traveling with horses means you need a good enclosed cargo trailer, but it also means taking extra care to ensure the cargo trailer is outfitted in a way that keeps the horses comfortable for the ride--especially if you are going further than usual. Thankfully, accessorizing a cargo trailer for your horses is an easy feat with the ready availability of so many choices. Here are a few accessories you should check out for your enclosed horse trailer that are sure to make any long trip easier. 

1. Hanging Slow Hay Feeder - Drop a bail of hay in a cargo trailer with your horses and they could not just make a mess, but gobble down the hay in no time flat, which can be frustrating on a longer trip. A hanging slow hay feeder is a ceiling mounted PVC netted bag that holds a portion of a hat bail. The netting prevents the horses from taking too much hay at once and because the feeder is hanging from the ceiling or corner of the trailer, it is less likely to get scattered, trampled, or soaked with urine. 

2. Digital Trailer Monitoring System - Keep your eyes on the road and tabs on the horses you are hauling in your trailer with a digital trailer monitoring system, which is ideal for longer trips. A cargo trailer monitoring system contains a camera that is mounted inside of the trailer and a monitor screen that is mounted inside of your vehicle. This allows you to keep a watchful eye on the horses you are hauling without having to physically stop the vehicle and open the trailer. 

3. Corner Water Storage Tanks - When it comes to water storage on a cargo trailer for horses, you have a lot of options. You can go with a traditional water tank mounted on top of the trailer or a tank that is housed on the bottom or backside. However, many drivers don't like the fact that these water tanks tend to throw off the balance of the trailer. On long trips, it is a good idea to use corner water storage tanks that stand upright inside of the trailer itself. Usually bought in pairs, these water tanks are low-profile, so they don't take up a lot of space and their location within the trailer means less interference with the weight balance of the trailer.