Airport Taxi Service Tips While On Your Disney Vacation

Posted on: 11 May 2016

Taking a trip to Disney? There is so much to do and think about before you go and the airport taxi service is an important one.

Here are some tips on how to make the process of the airport shuttle service go more smoothly:  

Arriving at the Disney area airport:  Once you get off the plane and grab your luggage you will want to get to the hotel or other accommodations as soon as possible. If you have children with you, this is even more urgent. Everyone is tired and hungry, and you will need to unwind quickly. You'll need a cab now. When you get off the plane there are numerous service areas that will assist you in calling for an airport taxi. Oftentimes, if you just step outside the airport building you will see the cabs lined up from the taxi company. They will likely know that you are in need of their services and offer to help you with your belongings.

Knowing your destination:  Since this is a resort area, they are likely to be familiar with the location of the hotel you are staying at. Have the address of the hotel handy just in case they are not. You can look up ahead of time approximately how far away you are from your hotel so you can get some idea of how long it will take to arrive there.

Pricing/Tipping:  Ask the driver from the airport taxi service what their rates are. You can also look this information up online so that you have the right amount of cash available upon your arrival at the hotel. The tipping rate is approximately 15 percent of whatever the fare is. If the driver has helped you with your bags, you should include a little extra.

Riding in the Taxi:  The airport shuttle service may be a standard size taxi with room for only a few people or it could be a larger size vehicle, such as a airport shuttle bus since this is a vacation resort area. Even though everyone is tired and probably hungry, they are also excited and cannot wait to get their vacation started. If there are seatbelts available, be sure to use them. It is especially important that the children be buckled in for their safety.

If you are not renting a car, using an airport taxi service is fast, convenient, and affordable.

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