Six Suggestions For The Best Summer Stay-Cation

Posted on: 3 May 2016

Want to save some money on your summer vacation? Plan to spend time at home, enjoying a "stay-cation" this year. Staying home during vacations doesn't have to be punitive or a result of not having the money to go away, but rather it provides you and your loved ones an opportunity to enjoy the many pleasures, sights, and experiences a bit closer to home.

Here are six fun things that you should do on your own stay-cation:

Check out the local sights. A stay-cation is the perfect time to see all that your town, area, or community has to offer. Go ahead and rent a bike to see things up close, or pack the family in a rental van to spend the day together taking in the sights and local attractions.

Do something out of your comfort zone. Plan on doing at least one thing or activity that is new and even uncomfortable. Take the group to a local rock-climbing wall or even plan a tandem sky-jumping excursion; do something that makes you feel alive.

Sleep under the stars. If you want to make an impression on young family members, make a plan to spend at least one night sleeping outside. This impromptu camping trip will be a fun experience and will create bonding moments, as many may be inclined to turn off their electronic devices to enjoy the great outdoors.

Get a little exercise. Make a point to get moving during your stay-cation. This might be taking an early-morning walk around your neighborhood or renting bikes for the entire family to use for a group ride in early evening. Getting some exercise will help make your time off more restorative, while also helping to burn off a few calories from the meals and treats that are enjoyed during vacation.

Focus on the food. Your stay-cation is not the time to try to stick to a rigid diet. Instead, treat yourself to the same great flavors and tastes that you would have if you actually left and went somewhere special during your time off.

Plan some time with friends, and without. Go ahead and make plans with friends and family during your stay-cation, but don't forget to put aside a little down-time to simply relax and be. This is what will recharge your battery before returning to your job and daily responsibilities.

Taking time in the summer for a stay-cation is an excellent way to enjoy the warmer weather, while saving some money on trips out of town that many feel compelled to take. Instead of boarding the pets and packing the car, take some time to splurge on activities and experiences closer to home. Talk with your family about a stay-cation this summer, and look forward to the comforts of home during your time away from work. 

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