Follow These Tips To Avoid Car Sickness During Your Wedding Day Limo Ride!

Posted on: 27 April 2016

Many people who experience car sickness tend to feel especially queasy when riding in the back of a vehicle. If you're planning to ride in a limo on your wedding day and you have a history of experiencing car sickness when riding in the passenger or back seat of vehicles, it's a good idea to take precautions that will prevent you from getting ill on your wedding day. These tips will help you enjoy your special ride to and from the wedding venue.

Eat Small Snacks Before the Ride

Many people are too nervous to eat on their wedding day, but your car sickness may get the best of you if you don't consume anything before your trip. Avoid eating any large, greasy meals, because heavy foods can contribute to your car sickness. Instead, consume low-fat snacks that provide some protein. Good examples of foods to eat before your limousine ride include nuts, granola bars and dried fruit to help keep your stomach settled throughout your journey.

Apply Pressure to Your Wrist

Ancient Chinese medicine says that the pressure point called P6 helps control nausea. This pressure point is found on the wrist, in the soft spot between the tendons that lead to the hand. To activate this pressure point, apply pressure to your wrist with your thumb. For continuous relief throughout your limo ride, purchase a medical wrist band designed to apply pressure to this part of your arm.

Avoid Perfume and Cologne

Strong smells can make people sick -- even when the smells are pleasant. Avoid the temptation to put on perfume or cologne for your wedding, and ask your spouse-to-be to do the same. You may even avoid using scented deodorant, because this too can have a distinct scent when you're sweating.

Motion Sickness Medication

While motion sickness medication can work to treat your problem, many types of motion sickness medications make people feel drowsy. Take care to choose a non-drowsy over-the-counter medication. To be sure that the medication has no ill side effects, sample it before your wedding day.

Make Use of that Sunroof

Fresh air can make many people suffering from motion sickness feel a little bit better. Ask your limo driver before getting into the vehicle to show you the controls for your sunroof, or ask your driver to open the sunroof for you.

For more information about how you can avoid nausea and enjoy your limousine rental on your wedding day, talk to your physician.